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Positive provides you with one of the most comprehensive and fully featured mail systems available. You have complete administratitive control over email sent to your domain name. This means you decide what happens to email sent to any address on your domain. Essentially, you have control over <anything>

Because our system is so comprehensive and flexible, it is not quite as straightforward and simple as some other systems, please take a moment to read through this document and keep a copy for later reference.

Your email system is administered via a web interface. You can access this using your account login details by pointing a web browser to the /admin directory on your domain. For example:

Users and Aliases

There are two basic options for any email address you set up via this system, users and aliases:

  1. You can create an address as a user which will create a mailbox on our servers. This allows mail to this user to be picked up using any POP3 email software (such as Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora and so on) direct from your Positive account. You will need to configure your email client to connect to this mailbox (see our collecting email section for further details.

  2. You can create an address as an alias which will forward email to another known email address (e.g. your regular dialup ISP email address). The advantage of this setup is that you don't need to change your email software configuration because email is forwarded on to an existing email account.

To summarise the above: a user is a mailbox on our servers. An alias is a mail forwarder to another address. You can change any address from a user to an alias, or vice-versa, at any time.

More About Users and Aliases

We do not place a limit on the number of aliases or mailbox users you can set up on your account. However, we ask customers to be sensible and not attempt to run a huge free email service from your mail admin system. Our email service is intended for use by the account holder and associates, plus of course representatives of the account holder's business or organization. It is not intended for offering free email addresses on your domain to all and sundry.

When your account is originally set up, we have configured the mail in a certain way in order that you can start receiving email straight away and do not lose any mails. You can of course change this setup as soon as you wish by adding mailboxes and aliases.

By default, we have created for you one catch-all POP3 mailbox user and one alias. The alias is a special default alias known as a star (*). This special alias forwards all addresses (i.e. <anything> to the one default catch-all POP3 mailbox. This ensures that initially no mail is lost. If you would like information on how to connect to this catch-all mailbox to download any messages that gather there before you get a chance to fine tune your email settings, please see here.

Importance of the Star * Alias

Please note the following about the default star * alias.

  • It will be overridden by any other aliases or mailbox users you set up. For example, if you set up an alias or mailbox for 'info' this would take precedence over any settings for the default star * alias.

  • Consider it as meaning either "everything" if no other aliases or mailboxes are present, or "everything else" if you do have other aliases or mailboxes.

  • It is a last resort for mail delivery if the system finds no user or alias for an address. If you remove the star * alias, then any address not explicitly set up as an alias or mailbox user will bounce back to the original sender.



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